Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We had a full Lunar Eclipse that was visible last night in the area...thought it was going to be marred by cloud cover but I was up about 4:30AM and caught this small glimpse of it as it was coming out of fullness into the other side...not the best of pics, but it will have to do for today...lol...

Burning Man started on Monday... as luck would have it there was an accident and the "man" burned up some a little early...makes you wonder since this happened on the night of a full lunar eclipse...Hmmmm

Burning Man is an annual experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and radical self-reliance held on the playa in the Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada. The towns of Empire and Gerlach serve as guardians of the desert region. Burning Man is an experiment in temporary community. Relationships are created, neighbors meet one another, and our collective survival is challenged. This is not a spectator event.

This is something I have always wanted to do...maybe next year...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

What we gots here Pilgrim is a Republican administration that spends money faster than any Democritter could ever conceive of...Sheesh!

Fed back in the market 3 times today!!!

Fed injects 17.25 billion dollars into market

Aug 23 10:20 AM US/Eastern

The US Federal Reserve injected 17.25 billion dollars into the financial system in three actions Thursday, the latest in a series of moves designed to ease a credit squeeze in global markets.
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which handles the overnight repurchase agreements for the Fed, announced the actions on its website.

A first injection of seven billion dollars at 8:30 am (1230 GMT) was followed by another of the same amount at 9:40 am and a third of 3.25 billion at 9:55 am.

The latest injections brought the total to 120.5 billion dollars added to money markets in repurchase agreements in the past two weeks.

Central banks began a series of major cash infusions on August 9 to ease tightening credit due to a crisis in the US high-risk subprime mortgage sector.

The US central bank on Friday unexpectedly slashed its discount rate to commercial banks to 5.75 percent from 6.25 percent to ease lending between banks.

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Not much newsy news today so I will just say that Ashley came by the "Gulch" the other day for a few hours and we had some fun takin pics!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hurricane Dean, now a Cat 4 hurricane, is scheduled to go to Cat 5 status by sometime this afternoon...and should be in the GOM by Monday at the latest...in the meantime Jamaica and the Caymans are dead in its path. Its still unclear whether or not he will slide north or stay on a WNW course after he goes over the Yucatan - but models are in agreement that he will make landfall as a Cat 3 or higher either somewhere in south Texas or over towards Houston area...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good Afternoon...

TD4 is now Tropical Storm Dean:

The tracking models today put it a little south of yesterday but not by much...

The disturbance in the GOM is still there as well...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Good Morning Sports Fans!

Hurricane season is about to get under way in earnest and if you are properly prepped out for this I would suggest you get started...

This morning we have two areas of concern, on in the eastern Atlantic called Tropical Depression 4, likely to be a hurricane by Thursday; and we also have a little disturbance in the GOM currently referred to as Invest 91L...

Tropical Depression 4

More information as it becomes known...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

McKinney, Texas – August 8, 2007
MeSo Wine Lounge Opens in the Old Collin County Prison
Carrie Garner’s Galleria d’Arte is proud to announce the opening of the MeSo Wine Lounge, located on the first floor of the old Collin County prison, at 115 S. Kentucky Street in downtown McKinney.

Specializing in boutique wines and premium beers, MeSo is certain to become a favorite downtown destination. The lounge offers a daily selection of cheeses and antipastos along with special creations by chef Mike Cate.
Using only the highest quality and freshest ingredients, in combination with the newest culinary techniques, you are sure to find just the right pairings of wine, cheese and Cate’s personal creations to suit your palate.
Biscotti are a staple at MeSo – be sure to try their newest flavor-“Hawaii Five-Oh” which features white chocolate chips and coconut. Served with a side of bleu cheese, biscotti can be enjoyed with a great glass of red wine, port, or an after dinner drink.

MeSo’s comfortable and hip atmosphere is the perfect compliment to the three art galleries of the old Collin County prison. Carrie Garner’s Galleria d’Arte, Studio Duende, and Aristeia Gallery all feature works of art by local and regional artists.

For further information, contact Carrie Garner’s Galleria d’Arte / MeSo Wine Lounge at 469-742-9509 or visit us online at www.carriegarner.com.

MeSo Wine Lounge is opened Tuesday and Wednesday, 11am -5pm;
Thursday-Saturday, 11am-9pm.
The five day forecast for the area says nothing under 100...which of course means that with the heat index it will be like "Hell's Half Acre" here in the Big D...so drink lots of fluids, and stay in the shade when possible...like these folks..

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Art Exhibit – “Mother and Child Reunion” at Carrie Garner’s Galleria d’Arte August 11, 2007
You will journey back into time-honored elegance and will live vicariously as a lord or lady of the Renaissance when you experience the creations of Karen Hall-Nitz. The magnificence of the old world masters is honored as Carrie Garner’s Galleria d’ Arte welcomes back Karen Hall-Nitz at an artist’s reception beginning at 7pm to 10pm on Saturday, August 11, 2007 at Carrie Garner’s Galleria d’Arte, located in the old Collin County Prison at 115 S. Kentucky Street in downtown McKinney.

Drawing on inspiration from travels to Europe, with a concentrated focus on Italy, the artist uses various imaginative techniques to create her exquisite works of art. Whether a tapestry or a painting on canvas, Hall-Nitz’s masterpieces are heavily textured and layered with rich, jewel-tone colors in oil and acrylic paints. Favorite subjects for Hall-Nitz include angels, cathedrals, and period-style portraits as she pays homage to the classic masters of the time.

In “Mother and Child Reunion” the viewer can almost hear the harps and feel the cool breezes of heaven as a mother and her angelic-like infant gaze lovingly downward to protect and guide a young shepherd boy alone in the fields. The jeweled-neck and styled hair of the young lady in “Old World Beauty” clearly demonstrates the sophistication and privilege belonging to an aristocracy gone by.

A commercially successful artist for over 15 years, Karen Hall-Nitz and her husband and partner, Roger Nitz, are owners of K&R Artworks. They specialize in creating dynamic visual and dramatic environments for residential and commercial clients. K&R Artworks has received awards and acknowledgments including 2006 Parade of Homes Best Craftsmanship, 2005 Best of Show and were featured artists at the 2007 Parade of Homes in Frisco. They are generous contributors of their work to the various charity events sponsored by the Love Life Foundation, supporting at-risk and abused children of Collin County. Gallery owner, Carrie Cameron Garner, is one of the founders of the Love Life Foundation (www.lovelifefoundation.com).

Recovering from a very recent stroke, Karen’s love of art and belief in her work has made her more determined than ever to move forward with this event. The exhibit will be a full and splendid celebration of her work, with several new, breathless pieces along with her repertoire of favorites. “This exhibit is deeply personal and means so much to me,” says Hall-Nitz.

Please join our celebration of community and the arts and plan to spend an evening in downtown McKinney. Live entertainment by The Quinten Hope Trio, wine and finger foods await gallery guests. Galleria d’Arte is very pleased to announce the much anticipated opening of the MeSo Wine lounge, located on the first floor of the prison. Specializing in boutique wines and premium beers, MeSo is the perfect accompaniment to an evening celebrating the visual arts.

The old prison is also home to Studio Duende and Aristeia Gallery, on the second and third floors of the prison. Continuing to embrace local and regional artists, these two new art galleries feature McKinney residents' paintings, jewelry, and, sculpture.

Co-sponsors of the evening are A Twist of Lime, Alternative Furnishings, BLING!, Cadillac Pizza Pub, Market Square Antiques, Market Street, MeSo Wine Lounge, and Poppy’s Garden CafĂ©.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Good Morning!

Its the 1st of August and just like clockwork we have a new invest nearing the Carribean...Invest 99l...just for the record "hurricane" season does not really kick into high gear till about mid-month...none the less it bears watching...


McKinney, TX – Aristeia Gallery will host a reception on August 11 from 7 – 10 PM, for Kathy Kromer, the gallery’s featured artist for August. Ms. Kromer’s work will be on display through the end of August.

Ms. Kromer is a Dallas area artist whose work in acrylic is known for her bold use of intense color and original composition. Painting to music, the artist states that “the faster the tempo, the faster the brush moves.” Color merges on her canvas and melts into other colors, creating art that is audacious, confident and eye catching.

Ms. Kromer credits her love of painting to her grandmother, who was an artist, and although Kathy painted for several years, the realization that she was an artist came late to her. Kathy believes that some artists are “born knowing art is the driving force in their lives while others have to enter art through different doors.” Her doors were perseverance and practice and she states that she “continues to walk through those doors.”

To the admirer, her art may be reminiscent of that of Matisse, Van Gogh, Picasso and Modigliani, in a style she developed by studying these masters and through continued experimentation of expressing her passion. Kathy states that most of her inspiration for her paintings comes from her family, friends and relationships.

Aristeia Gallery owned by a group of local artists; Sandy Bauder, Ann Frazier, Vicky Saylor, Lisa Temple and Tina Wantland, and is located on the third floor of the historic Collin County Prison building. Each of these artists work is regularly on display in the gallery. The gallery also features original, free form metal sculptures by resident artist, Eric Gioia.

The Prison is also home Carrie Garner’s first floor, Galleria d’ Arte and Pernie Fallon & Guy Giersch’s, Studio Duende on the second floor. Each of the galleries feature a wide assortment of original art in a variety of media, including handmade jewelry, pottery and ceramics, by local and regional artists. The Prison is open to the public, Tuesday – Friday 11 AM – 5 PM and Saturdays, 10 AM – 5 PM. On the second Saturday of each month, the galleries close at 5 PM and reopen at 7 PM – 10 PM.